Professional Graphic Design

Fully sponsored by Tamkeen, this 6-month training programme provides comprehensive Graphic Design training for print and video. It teaches design principles and stylistic concepts to visually communicate a message and covers layout techniques for various media. Students learn how to conceive, design and implement their creative ideas using industry-standard software.

Part of the programme is a 2 month internship opportunity to work with agencies such as miracle, Gulf Marcom, Unisono, and DaDeDo, or with Al Ayam newspaper or Al Arab News to experience real work scenarios and gain experience and show talent to potential employers.

Who's it for

This program is designed for creative individuals and will deliver professional graphic design training to prepare Bahraini graduates for a career in Graphic Design in any area of the creative industries.


  • Must be a Bahraini national
  • Successful completion of bachelor degree in related subject
  • Proactive and enthusiastic personality
  • Willingness to learn new skills
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Self-motivated and a team player
  • Strong communication skills
  • Passionate about pursuing a career in the media industry
  • Proficiency in English language
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel
  • Commitment to completing an Internship
  • Commitment to working 9:00 to 5:00
  • Needs to have a portfolio of creative work
  • Should have own means of transport
  • Selection will be through and interview process.

Course Outline

Induction to the Program/Orientation
This unit introduces the students to the program, and provides the students the opportunity to get to know the trainers, project coordinators and each other. They will learn about the program logistics and regulations, while becoming familiar with what is expected of them.

Roles in Creative Media
This module deals with the various roles in a creative media agency. Students will learn about agency structures on a regional and global level, and will become more familiar with certain industry terminology.

Introduction to Mac OSX
Students are introduced to the OSX environment. They learn how to personalise their Macs, use the system preferences, set up user accounts, and manage their files. The module will also teach students to organise and edit photos in iPhoto and edit videos and create slideshows in iMovie.

Designing and Editing Digital Images and Graphics for Print and Screen
Provides an introduction to the professional imaging workflow. This unit discusses image formats and covers Adobe Photoshop's main tools and features. Students will get a better understanding of the use of pixel and vector formats, while learning how to design vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator.

Covers the use of letterforms and words as communication tools. Looks at the history of type and its cultural influences over time, and helps students develop an understanding of basic typographic terminology and type classification.

Font Management
Students get to know the various font types and learn how to best manage their fonts on the mac using font management applications.

Logo Design
Focuses on the process of logo design from the concept and development to the implementation phase. Students will be introduced to corporate identity design and branding fundamentals to examine key principles of effective logo design.

Branding and Corporate Identity Design
This unit focuses on the relationship between corporate strategy and design. It explores the impact of a strong corporate identity on various aspects of a business and on the customer's overall experience with an organisation. Students will design/redesign a company logo and create a corporate brand style guide that defines the use of the brand throughout various communications and media.

Colour Theory
This unit focuses on colour theory and its practical application in print and screen design. It covers colour contrast and harmonies, colour perception and colour psychology. It will also cover the use of colour in country- and culture-specific contexts.

Design Principles and Stylistic Design Elements for Visual Communication
This unit introduces students to the principles of design. Students examine the conceptual use of perceptual variables in modern design.

Photography & videography
This module will introduce students to the fundamentals of photography and videography skills. Students will practice shooting and editing using their own cameras.

Layout and Composition
In this unit, students will be taught how to layout for screen and print using Adobe InDesign. Students will learn how to design anything, from business cards and flyers to multi-page magazines and product packaging. Besides the professional design workflow skills, the lectures deal with the aesthetic aspects on how to visually structure text and image/s on a page.

Desktop Publishing and Print Production
Students will learn to prepare, preflight, output, and package their finished products for print. This unit provides an understanding of the printmaking process and techniques.

Screen Design Basics
This module focuses on the principles of effective user interface design, including conceptualising and planning, functionality and usability.

Project Management
One of the most essential skills in any industry, this unit will look at process planning, time management and other project management tools.

Focusing on basic entrepreneurship skills, this module will help students succeed in the creative market. It covers financial planning, pitching, presentation and communication skills, sales, marketing, and administrative skills.

Portfolio Design – Successful Presentation of Creative Work
In this final unit, students will learn to present their work effectively and market themselves as designers in order to enter the job market as employees or freelance talent. Each student will compile their finished projects and present them in a convincing portfolio.